Yuki Hanzōmon

Yuki Hanzoumon Student Mugshot

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半蔵門 雪  Hanzōmon Yuki
Codename Hanzō (半蔵, Hanzō)
Appear in Anime, Manga, and Light Novel
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 0
Light Novel Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Manami Numakura
Personal Data
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Birthday December 14
Height 162 cm
Hobby Visiting workshops
Professional Status
Affiliation Sorasaki High School
Tsukikage Symbol Tsukikage
Occupation Student
Leader of Tsukikage
Relative Nagaho Fujibayashi (Former Master)
Momo Minamoto (Disciple)
Weapon Japanese sword
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Yuki Hanzōmon (半蔵門 雪, Hanzōmon Yuki) is one of the main characters in Release the Spyce anime and Release the Spyce: Golden Genesis light novel gaiden series. She's the leader of Tsukikage.

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She has a long blue hair that she wears on 2 ponytails behind her back, It is also stated that She is very beautiful and has purple eyes That turns Bright when she's on her Spyce mode. Her most prominent feature is her scar on her right eye.

Personality Edit

She has somewhat of a cold personality as she barely shows any emotions but as seen when neccesary, she can also mimic other types of personalities. She is also very strict when it comes to teaching her disciple even going as far as to sneak on their homes at night and adding poison into their drink. although she doesn't show much of her true personality, you can clearly see that she deeply cares for her friends and is very protective of her Disciple.

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